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Exploring Educational Journalism at the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists: Introducing Project XQEUJOY | 22-24 Novembre 2023

Exciting news! Octaedro and Dataninja, members of the XQEUJOY consortium, participated in the Forum of the Mediterranean Women Journalists together with Idea Dinamica. Their panel discussion is not just timely but essential in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape.

The topic at hand? “The complexity of the various kinds of collective consciousness conveyed by the equally complex mass media systems available to children’s audiences requires new skills from journalists in order to foster democratic participation from an early age.”

This is a crucial conversation, especially considering the target audience: minors. The panel will delve into the characteristics that journalistic products for young minds should embody. How can these products foster critical and autonomous opinion formation? It’s a delicate balance between maintaining professional ethics and adapting to modern, fragmented social media landscapes.

Recent experiments hint at a rejuvenation of traditional journalistic tools when merged with modernity. XQEUJOY stands at this intersection, championing quality journalism with an educational core, primarily aimed at school teachers.